Compete in the Quad Run Challenge and win a "Finalist Lapel Pin". Sign up for the 4 races below and select the race series distance that is right for you and get ranked among others in your age group. Each distance is added together for a cumulative time. You will also qualify for the MN RUN Series Vest.

Series Choices

5K Series: Yukon 5K, Goldy's 5K, Lake Minnetonka 5K, Lola's 5K

10K Series: Yukon 10K, Goldy's 10K, Lake Minnetonka 10K, Lola's 10K

Long distance Series: Yukon 13.1, Goldy's 10 Mile, Lake Minnetonka 13.1, Lola's 13.1

Sign up for these 4 races: 

1. Yukon Challenge Virtual - February 

2. Goldy's Run Virtual - April

3. Lake Minnetonka Virtual - May

4. Lola's Lake Waconia - June

Goldy's Run
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