10 Mile Run &

2 Person Relay

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  • 10 mile and relay start at 8:20am

  • 10 Mile cut off time is 2:40 (16 minute mile pace)

  • MN Run Series Pacers will support you on the run

  • USATF certified course: MN18006RR

  • Training plans available here

  • Results from previous years

  • Visit the Race Day Info page for schedule and parking information

relay instructions

2-Person Relay​ Instructions


Both runners will receive a race bib with sequential numbers, make sure each runner wears the race bib. This will be used to identify your partner as they approach the exchange zone.


Runner 1: Start time of 8:20 am and run to mile 5 exchange zone.


Runner 2: Load bus at 7:40 am at University and 23rd Ave and is transported to the exchange zone at mile 5. Bus will leave at 8:10 am. You may bring a bag with your warm ups and teammates post run clothes. You will be able to wait on bus until teammate arrives. Make sure to have a ballpark time of when to expect them for a smooth exchange.


Exchange Instructions


Runner 1 approaches the exchange zone at mile 5 and tags runner 2. 

Runner 2 runs to the finish line inside TCF Bank Stadium.

Runner 1 takes the bus back to TCF Bank Stadium to be reunited with teammate.

*Details are subject to change. Please refer back race week for final details!

MN RUN Series Pacers

Meet your pacer in the start corral 20 min before race

1:15 Jim Winkels

1:25 Alex Hinseth

1:30 Jake Von De Linde

1:35 Seigo Mashubuchi

1:40 Scott Carlson

1:45 Carla Steindbring 

1:50 Linda McKee